Interactive Tick-Borne Illness Map

Discover Magazine is putting lyme disease on the map. Please take a few minutes to put a dot on the location where you where you suspect or know you were bitten by the tick.

Interactive Tick-Borne Illness Map |

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What Makes Ticks Stick

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 12.13.41 PMScienceTake: What Makes Ticks Stick

October 29th, 2013

Scientists studying ticks that carry Lyme bacteria wanted to know how these arachnids are able to stick so well to skin. The answer is a mouth that works like a ratchet.

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Watch Out Biofilms

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Dr. Eva Sapi and her ground breaking work on biofilms.

TOUCHED BY LYME: Microscope you helped buy is now on the job! 

Angel Flight Needs Your Vote

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 7.53.27 PMAngel Flight West strongly believes that travel for medical and other compelling needs should not be inaccessible because of financial, medical or geographical limitations. Arranging free air transportation on private aircraft is how we act on this belief, but that action takes a significant amount of financial resources. Angel Flight West’s financial support consists of generous gifts from many of our members, our annual golf tournament, and support from a wide array of foundations.

The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation is an organization established out of the commitment and passion of the Lightspeed Aviation Corporation to serve the aviation community. The foundation has selected 15 nominees as foundation finalists, and it is now up to a vote to see which organizations will win a Pilot’s Choice Award grant. The top five finalists receive $10,000 and we are currently in 3rd place! VOTING ENDS ON NOVEMBER 1. In order to keep our spot in the top five, we need your vote!

Vote for Angel Flight West to win $10,000!

It’s Free. It’s Fast.

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Angeli Vanlannen’s story

Stream ILADS Lyme Disease Conference Highlights Show

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The LIVE show will feature taped highlights of selected presentations, promotional segments discussing the Physician Training Program and LIVE interviews with leading scientists and physicians.

Chat with us LIVE and ask the experts your questions!

Learn more about the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation (ILADEF) and its efforts to recruit more physicians into the training program.

Help us recruit physicians in your region and make an online donation during the show!

To View Show on Saturday, October 19, 8pm – 11pm EST go to:

Middle of the Ocean Loneliness

Chat Lyme on Twitter

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The Tick Born Disease Alliance  @TBDAlliance is holding their first Lyme Chat #LymeChat tomorrow 3pm ET on twitter, during the Katie Couric show.

Watch the show! Join the conversation!

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